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If you are ready to register for a workshop or want to find the price of a workshop, please view our registration page. From there, you can easily navigate to the details for any workshop, which will show you the price of the given workshop.

Can't make it to one of our Teacher Trainings? No problem!

We are currently offering the following home study and online programs:

Aqua Yoga Teacher Training / Instructor Certification - Home Study Program
Aqua Yoga Teacher Training / Instructor Certification - Online Course
200-Hour CYT / Land-Based Certified Yoga Teacher Training – Online Course

The differences between the home study program and the online course:

1) The delivery method:

With the home study program (hard-copy/printed), your course will be delivered to you in a spiral-bound book via the postal service media mail. If you want it shipped faster, please email us for the additional charge of faster shipping. The home study program for the Aqua Yoga course comes with a physical copy of the video (DVD), while the video clips for the land-based program will be online (no hard copies are available). All exams will be administered online (but if this presents a hardship, you can print the exam and mail it to us.)

With the online course, you will be given a link where you will register for access to the materials. The written materials are hosted with a vendor who handles the formatting, printing, etc. of our courses. When you register, you may want to bookmark the site so you can easily access the materials. You will also receive an email from our vendor, giving you the links to the written material, as well as a link and password so you can view the online video. You will not receive a physical copy of the DVD. For any programs that contain videos,our online programs will include online video only - no hard copies will be sent. There may also be times where an online video is also used in the home study (hard copy/printed)version of a program, and these instances are always noted. This is because sometimes a hard copy is not available to us.

IMPORTANT: While you CAN print the online version, it MAY only print 2 pages at a time. It is set up to print the entire book with one click, but on some systems, it may not work and you may have to print 2 pages at a time (this is an issue beyond our control - we use a vendor for this service). This is how our vendor works and they do so to encourage less paper waste and to discourage people from printing multiple copies of the book. Also, please note that you may not be able to view the book on mobile devices, such as iPhones, but you can view it on both MACs and PCs. If these options are not acceptable to you, please consider purchasing the home study option, in which a printed manual will be mailed to you.

2) The material additions and updates:

If you purchase a home study program, the material you receive is the most recently printed book. If you purchase an online program, all additions and updates to the courses will be immediately available to you from the server. If we make an update, the next time you log in to the course, you will see the update. Please be sure you sign up for our newsletter to make sure you know we’ve made updates, so you can go back to any section we’ve modified to review it.

To read more about what is contained in the specific courses, please visit our Aqua Yoga or Land Based Yoga Packages page.

If you are ready to purchase a Distance course, please see our Registration page.

If you have already taken the course and are looking for the exam, please look at the email you were sent when you paid for your course. It contains a link to a page and instructions for downloading the exam. If you can't find the email and need the information again, please email us.


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